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If you need countertops, whether it be new construction or a remodel, would love to walk you through the process of what to expect and answer any questions you may have.

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Here is a brief description of the process:


In general, there are three main types of stones to choose from when shopping for a new top:

  • Granite - Builder’s grade granite is the most affordable stone, but there are countless granite slabs in all price points. Builder’s grade granite is often distinguishable with more consistent patterns. Granite is a natural occurring rock that gets mined in quarries all across the world. Because of this, it is a porous material that has to be sealed periodically to keep in pristine condition. Don’t let this scare you from selecting granite though, as countertops typically need to be sealed just once every 1-2 years. Sealing your top is the last step we take in the installation process.

  • Quartz - Builder’s grade quartz is an affordable option, but is typically anywhere from 20-30% more expensive than builder’s grade granite. There are many options for quartz in all price points as well. Quartz countertops are actually a engineered product, taking ground quartz and combining it with resin and polymers. Quartz is naturally a very hard material, which when combined with the other additives, it creates a very durable, non-porous surface. Because of this, quartz does not need to be sealed and is extremely low maintenance.

  • Marble - Marble is often a favorite when browsing showrooms. It’s veiny slabs can be seen on Pinterest and every home improvement show there is. The price points start significantly higher than granite or quartz, and come in quite a few less color options. In addition, Marble is naturally a much softer stone than granite or quartz. For this reason, we often recommend our customers to use marble in their bathroom, as they are susceptible to nicks and scratches when working in a kitchen (or with kids!)

Visiting the showrooms

  • There are two main showrooms in NWA (addresses below). They each have hundreds of slabs to choose from, ranging from builder’s grade granite to high-end marble and quartz. These places are open to the public and you are more than welcome to stop by, but we recommend giving us a call and we will walk through the showroom with you. Oftentimes there may be two slabs that look very similar in appearance, but one may cost substantially more. We will show you the different tiers and give you an idea of the price points you are looking at. You will be able to pick the exact slab that will be installed in your home!

Schedule and install

  • After we work out all of the details as far as material, pricing, scheduling, etc., it is time for install. You can prepare for install by clearing off all of your countertops and emptying your lower cabinets. Most countertop installations are a 1 day project, but there are some exceptions.

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Kitchen remodel
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Things to Consider when getting new Countertops

  1. What kind of sink/faucet will you want with your new countertop? Consider sink style (under-mount, over-mount, farmhouse), sink material (stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic), sink shape (one bowl, two bowl 50/50, two bowl 60/40, etc.)

  2. Do you want us to handle plumbing re-connections? Demo/Haul-off?

  3. Are you going to want a new backsplash?

  4. Do you want rounded or square corners on your top? (Rounded more traditional, square more modern)

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Northwest Arkansas Showrooms

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